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The Tickel Troll webpage has been visited by people from all over the globe, including Russia, China, India, Denmark, Brazil, Mexico and Japan.

     A troll has decided to live under a bridge over the Tickel River, and the villagers nearby are afraid. Their first thought is to make him leave by force, but one of them thinks they should try a different approach. How will they choose to handle the problem?  
     Come take a trip to the land of Qwee, where stereo types will be broken, unfounded fears allayed, and the treasure of play discovered. Beginning like a fairy tale, ending in bouncing rhymes, enjoy a story that encourages a loving playfulness with positive messages.  
     The Tickel Troll is meant to be an interactive book between adult and child (ages 4-12), reader and listener. While all will be prompted to inquire about some of the uncommon, but not complex words, it also encourages a loving, physical playfulness while being read. Our goal was to hopefully produce a future classic whose original pictures contain subtle hidden clues and a writing style that changes with the mood of the story.

Keith Benson has been making his way in animation and illustration since earning his animation certificate at the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College. He has been drawing from the day he could use colored pencils and wants to someday have his own animated series on a major network. Always seeing the humor in the world, his favorite hobby is turning his family and friends into animated cartoon characters. The Tickel Troll is Keith’s first time illustrating a children’s story.

The Tickel Troll has been accepted at 5 different school districts in Southwestern, Ohio for circulation in a 13 elementary school libraries. 

The Tickel Troll scored perfect 5s in all six categories of its initial assessment for the 24th Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards (see our 'COMMENTS' page).  

The Tickel Troll is one of five Finalists for the 2016 National Indie Excellence Awards in the category of 'children's fiction'. 

The Tickel Troll has been accepted at 4 different public library systems (Cincinnati, Lane, Traverse City,  and Santa Barbara) for circulation in over 60 locations. 

The Tickel Troll is being distributed by 14 book retailers and independent sellers in Europe and North America. 

John Swanson has been writing for over 20 years, producing numerous works in the screenplay, short story, novella, children’s story, poetry and song formats. A small town, midwestern father of two, at bed time he would sometimes make up stories on the spot for his children instead of reading one from their numerous books. The Tickel Troll is one of those stories.